Welcome to the new age of the Construction Industry

The 10th Construction and Housing Conference keeps continuing to welcome industry leaders.

Construction and Housing Conference 2023 which will take place at Sheraton Grand Hotel Istanbul, gives the chance to share ambitious and innovative ideas with participants about the latest developments in the industry.

The construction and Housing Sector attracts the attention of investors by creating new living areas of the future with the newly arranged rules. The sector with the new job recruitments keeps continuing to grow in the line with world economic conjuncture.

The construction sector has a driving role in the Turkish economy. The industry accounts for 5.4% of the total GDP and employed 1.5 million persons in 2022. When the sector’s direct and indirect impacts on related industries are considered, the share of the sector in the overall economy reaches 30%.

Turkish construction companies succeeded in increasing their footprints in the international market with the volume of new projects reaching €12.8 billion. In the last 50 years, Turkish companies realized 10,800 projects on five continents and 128 countries with a total business volume of €361 billion.

Minimizing the risk of the market seems the most advantageous method in today’s competitive world.  Advantages show variability according to glocal positions (global-local). Construction and housing sector leaders are gathering together at the conference to discuss the most advantageous investment of all time.

Professional Platform for New Business Opportunities

The conference provides to get informed about the current situation in the market, systems, and technologies, recent developments, market dynamics, and economical and commercial value-added issues of Türkiye. It also offers industry-leading companies to come together with qualified target audiences.

The conference provides a great advantage in a highly competitive industry, protects the sectoral power of your company, and increases brand awareness.

You can highly establish the right business partnerships at right time with great B2B opportunities provided by the Conference.


Why Attend?

The construction and Housing Conference will be held with the participation of the industry’s leading construction companies.  The Conference aims to bring participants face-to-face with a qualified target audience.

Construction and Housing Conference offers you;

  • PROTECT the sectoral power of your company
  • INCREASE brand awareness over competitors
  • PROVIDE a great advantage in a highly competitive environment.
  • LISTEN to the latest developments from experts
  • UNDERSTAND today’s current position and forecast tomorrow’s new horizons
  • NETWORK with other participants to generate new business strategies
  • ESTABLISH effective and long-lasting business partnerships in the near future
  • IDENTIFY and evaluate market opportunities
  • FORMULATE and validate strategy
  • EVALUATE competitive risk and success factors.


You are invited to create the right business image at right time with great B2B opportunities at Construction and Housing Conference.

For sponsorship queries and participation, please contact: 

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